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Holly B. Applegate | Broker/ Manager | Cumberland Office Residential Properties Ltd.

It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for Jeff Lima. I have worked with Jeff since he started offering staging to Residential Properties agents.

When Jeff meets with the sellers, he starts on the outside of the property and then views the inside. He meets with the sellers privately so that he can establish a relationship with the sellers as he is giving detailed suggestions to present their homes in the very best light. Jeff is particularly sensitive in how he makes suggestions from professionally cleaning the property, de cluttering, taking down personal pictures etc. He tries to work with the furniture that is there, but suggests different placement or removal. If needed, he does make recommendations for painting and possible upgrades. He also can help stage new construction as well as vacant properties. He can suggest a color scheme for buyers of today or he can bring in furniture pieces to create inviting living spaces.

Every property that Jeff has staged for me has produced offers within the first couple of weeks. One property in particular had 25 showings over the first couple of days and had 4 offers to present to the seller. I strongly believe that Jeff’s professional consultation and staging has been invaluable to my real estate business and to the clients that I represent. Follow Jeff’s suggestions and the home will be sold quickly.