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Home Sold Within 24 Hours

In the spring of 2013, when I decided to sell my home, my real estate agent suggested I meet with Jeff Lima and listen to his suggestions about staging my home before it went on the market.

I had read about staging and seen examples of it online and on TV, so I assumed I knew “the drill.” Although I still was not 100% sure I wanted someone to come into my home and reassemble my furnishings, it was my curiosity that encouraged me to meet with Jeff and listen to what he had to say.

My life situation, the reason why I was selling my home, was not much different from other folks. I wanted to downsize and, no doubt, there were many emotions tied up with this move.

What was different from others was that my husband had died six months earlier. We had bought the home seven years before, and had completely remodeled it. Now, living there by myself was uncomfortable and overwhelmingly sad. It was time for me to move on.

So, Jeff and I met. I was immediately captivated by this affable, honest and capable gentleman.

I cannot say enough about how he assisted me in doing what I needed to do. Jeff was respectful of what my husband and I had done in our home, how we lived, what had been important to us, how we had surrounded ourselves with memorabilia that had meaning, and how our home reflected our daily lives.

Jeff knew all too well that living is a personal thing and so was my loss. Mine was right out there, but the goal was to depersonalize in order to move on, and to carefully put away those precious treasures for a new time and place. Jeff’s personal involvement and support moved the process forward effortlessly. Thanks Jeff!

Did my home sell?

Yes…within 24 hours!!!