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Sarah Wheaton | Providence Office

Simply put, Jeff Lima does an amazing job of staging. Although I knew in the abstract that staging makes a difference, part of me was stuck in the belief that it was over-rated as a sales tool. Then Jeff worked his magic with one of my listings and turned me into a convert.

He breathed life into a box of empty space, making it suddenly easy for prospective buyers to see how warm and livable it could be. And it wasn’t just your average buying audience he had to impress; it was the staff of CNBC, who were including the property in one of their segments, along with all of their viewers around the country.

Not only did Jeff manage to do this with grace and good humor (and make it look easy in the process– which I know it wasn’t!), he contributed furniture from his own house when things got down to the wire. I don’t know what he was sitting on at home, but he made sure that the living room at my listing looked beautiful when the film crew arrived.

Jeff doesn’t just have a keen eye and excellent design sense– he is patient, thoughtful,generous, and goes the extra mile (or several miles) for his client. And he is an incredibly nice person to boot, which really cannot be overrated. To me, all those qualities are just as important in a working relationship as finding someone who excels in his or her field of expertise. In Jeff, you get both… what an awesome package!