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Staging a home for sale is a critical task and many times requires an expert who
is trained and experienced in this field with years of experience & success

Staging Consultation – Walk through the home (inside and out) ideally with all homeowners.  While Jeff Lima is providing valuable information, it is advisable that the homeowner take notes.  This process normally takes up to an hour for an average size home.  Consultations over one hour will result in a slight increase in fee.

Staging – Jeff Lima can assist with the actual staging of the home.  This can be as simple as going to the home and working with the existing contents (repositioning & removing as needed) or shopping for items best suited for the end result. This is an hourly rate and is a two hour minimum.

Advance Planning for Staging a Home – Many times a home may require some advance planning due to the condition or just might need some updating.  Jeff Lima can work with homeowners to suggest affordable updating options that would help make the home more saleable (faster sale) and many times for a higher price. This process normally takes up to an hour for an average size home.  Consultations over one hour will result in a slight increase in fee.

Identifying items needed and not needed for staging – At times homeowners may have an excessive amount of items in the home OR may be moving and need assistance with identifying key pieces to remain for staging purposes.  Jeff Lima can work with the homeowners and prioritize which items should stay and which items should be removed. This process normally takes up to an hour for an average size home.  Consultations over one hour will result in a slight increase in fee.

Staging empty homes – Selling an empty home is not the best approach for a multitude of reasons.  First and foremost – the majority of home buyers view homes online – This is your new curb appeal.  Most Buyers cannot visualize how a space can be used and need to see it staged.   “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Photographing the home with a series of empty rooms does not put your property in the best possible light.

Once you have captured the interest of a potential buyer and they are physically viewing the home – Buyers need to evaluate space and use.  It is a fact that empty rooms appear smaller and showing a room with no furniture a buyer may underestimate that room’s potential.  Conversely, when you have very large rooms, buyers may be challenged with  layout, scale and best possible use.

These reasons and so many more are why you should never list a home empty.  Just staging the public spaces and maybe something in a primary bedroom really has an impact.

Jeff Lima Staging & Design offers a variety of staging packages to suit your needs and budget. All contracts require payment in full upon signing the contract. If the staging package is needed beyond the period stated in the contract, prorated payments on a monthly basis may be offered.