Realtor Testimonials

Jeff’s staging gives an enormous advantage in getting listings to look their absolute best and to sell a lot sooner than homes that are not staged by Jeff.

His expertise and easy way endear him to clients immediately giving the sellers a feeling of comfort and confidence to get all that Jeff suggests accomplished to make their homes show in the best light possible to sell quickly.

I listed an empty house that had been on the market for six months prior with another realtor. Jeff came In with his crew, painted cabinets, purchased new hardware for baths and kitchen and furnished the first floor with rugs, pictures, curtains and furniture.   The house sold within a week for full price. Need I say more!

I can’t give enough positive affirmations about Jeff.   He is a realtors best asset!   I’ve even
hired him to come to my own home to give me decorating tips, which have made a tremendous difference in updating my home.

Thanks Jeff, for all your hard work and for making my job easier.

Laurie Fletcher
Broker Associate
Residential Properties, Ltd.

Professional staging is one of the tools I use to distinguish myself from the competition.  A well-
ordered, professionally staged home presents better and often sells sooner and for a higher price than a comparable property that has not been properly prepared for market.  Jeff Lima adds more than just staging advice.  Given his prior experience as a Realtor, Jeff is able to provide counsel that supports the staging concept.  He understands how both a potential buyer and the camera’s eye will perceive space.  My clients appreciate his candor and those that follow his advice are always pleased with the outcome.

James V. DeRentis
Markham+DeRentis Associates

Jeff’s staging and design services have proven to be invaluable. He has successfully staged both occupied and vacant homes with exceptional results. Several listings had multiple offers on them right away. He has also worked with my clients who were transitioning from a single family home to a smaller space. He is efficient, thorough, and always offers realistic options, while respecting my client’s circumstances at all times.

JP Pagano, Broker Associate
Residential Properties Ltd

It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for Jeff Lima. I have worked with Jeff since he started offering staging to Residential Properties agents.

When Jeff meets with the sellers, he starts on the outside of the property and then views the inside. He meets with the sellers privately so that he can establish a relationship with the sellers as he is giving detailed suggestions to present their homes in the very best light. Jeff is particularly sensitive in how he makes suggestions from professionally cleaning the property, de cluttering, taking down personal pictures etc. He tries to work with the furniture that is there, but suggests different placement or removal. If needed, he does make recommendations for painting and possible upgrades. He also can help stage new construction as well as vacant properties. He can suggest a color scheme for buyers of today or he can bring in furniture pieces to create inviting living spaces.

Every property that Jeff has staged for me has produced offers within the first couple of weeks. One property in particular had 25 showings over the first couple of days and had 4 offers to present to the seller. I strongly believe that Jeff’s professional consultation and staging has been invaluable to my real estate business and to the clients that I represent. Follow Jeff’s suggestions and the home will be sold quickly.

Holly B. Applegate
Broker/ Manager
Cumberland Office
Residential Properties Ltd.

Jeff Lima has a wonderful eye to make the clients existing furniture look and flow much better. He
is tactful and personable as well and my clients love him. I have used him for everything from rearranging furniture and pictures to suggestions on organizing rooms to full on large projects that that included painting kitchen cabinets, painting rooms and ordering storage units. When I use him the house usually sells within a month! His prices are very reasonable and he works hard and obviously loves his job.

Mary Ann Lisi
Narragansett Office

Simply put, Jeff Lima does an amazing job of staging. Although I knew in the abstract that staging makes a difference, part of me was stuck in the belief that it was over-rated as a sales tool. Then Jeff worked his magic with one of my listings and turned me into a convert.

He breathed life into a box of empty space, making it suddenly easy for prospective buyers to see how warm and livable it could be. And it wasn’t just your average buying audience he had to impress; it was the staff of CNBC, who were including the property in one of their segments, along with all of their viewers around the country.

Not only did Jeff manage to do this with grace and good humor (and make it look easy in the process– which I know it wasn’t!), he contributed furniture from his own house when things got down to the wire. I don’t know what he was sitting on at home, but he made sure that the living room at my listing looked beautiful when the film crew arrived.

Jeff doesn’t just have a keen eye and excellent design sense– he is patient, thoughtful,generous, and goes the extra mile (or several miles) for his client. And he is an incredibly nice person to boot, which really cannot be overrated. To me, all those qualities are just as important in a working relationship as finding someone who excels in his or her field of expertise. In Jeff, you get both… what an awesome package!

Sarah Wheaton
Providence Office

Jeff Lima has a wonderful talent for working with all kinds of homes and all kinds of homeowners. His services range from ridding a house of wallpaper, shag carpet and ugly paneling to skillfully rearranging an owner’s furnishings in a manner that shows their home to it’s best advantage. He is an instrumental part of the team that’s often needed to get a house sold for the best price possible. Jeff’s fees are very reasonable and the results phenomenal. My clients and I have used Jeff’s services on numerous occasions and his efforts have without exception been totally successful. You’d be crazy not to hire him!

Rebecca Mayer, Broker Associate
Residential Properties Ltd