Staging Clients Testimonials

I recently decided to sell my home. The realtor suggested that I have the home staged by a professional. I must admit that I was upset, maybe even a bit insulted with this suggestion. I was very proud of my setup of the furniture, pictures and decorations. However, given the state of our economy, I decided that I needed to do everything that I could in order to sell my house. The realtor suggested Jeff Lima. Within a few minutes of Jeff’s arrival, I knew that I had made the right decision. Jeff was very willing to listen to my ideas. He certainly did seem to know the business of staging, so I let him have free reign as to where to move the furniture, pictures and decorations. I was absolutely thrilled with the transformation done by Jeff!!! The house looked absolutely beautiful! Jeff moved quite a few paintings from one room to another and they looked so much better than before. I even loved the way he changed the furniture in a quite a few areas. Jeff certainly has the knack to make a house feel like a home without losing any of its beauty. I am positive that Jeff’s magnificent talents resulted in my house selling in only 38 days!

I was so impressed with the results of what was accomplished by Jeff in my old home that I decided to have him as my interior decorator in my new condominium.

Deborah Jones
Location – Cumberland, RI

“Hiring Jeff Lima was a crucial step in the transformation of our house from a white elephant into a charming, updated luxury home.  Our family had owned the property for decades, and although it was well-maintained, it did not have immediate appeal to modern home buyers.  Jeff gave me a prioritized list on what to change, how much it would cost, and followed through on major and minor details right up to the day of the open house.  His billing is precise, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for.  He is also very pleasant and efficient to work with.”

–Andrew –
Location – East Side Providence RI

Staging a home is an art. Having rooms de cluttered or items rearranged can make a room feel larger and make you better appreciate its beauty. We have asked Jeff to help us stage two family houses that sold within weeks because they looked their best to the buyers. The first time we had already removed most of the furniture yet Jeff figured out how to move around what was left to make the house feel warm and inviting anyway.

Since then we have also come to appreciate how a home feels when everything looks right so we continue to ask Jeff
for feedback on the homes in which we currently live and/or which we are renovating.  We love the feedback and enjoy the results. Jeff has helped us even via email and photos for an out of town home as well. Could not live without his input.

Thanks Jeff.

Shirley Blackall
Location – East Side Providence RI

What can I say about working with Jeff? It was a treat – he is so professional and so fun to work with. The work he did in my house, with me pushing back against some of it, was perfect. It was thoughtful, beautiful and he transformed a house you live in into one others can see themselves living in. He gently got me to put away personal items and tone down some colors that were “my” choices and wouldn’t be others. He worked so hard, brought in great subs to help move things, encouraged and cajoled but had a smile on his face as he ran to get things to neutralize the house and held my hand as I took apart my home. If you are getting ready to sell your house, even if you think you have depersonalized it, have Jeff look at it. He will take his experienced eye and make suggestions, do the running for you to buy the light bulbs that match, the sheers for the attic windows, anything that you meant to do while you lived in the house for years but never got around to. At the end of his time, he will be worn out and your house will look amazing – you will be proud to have the open house or have lots of people coming through to look at it. Realtors suggest him for a reason. He gets the job done and you will have a good time doing hard work at the same time. Call him.

Susan, home sold in 2012
Location – East Side Providence RI

Jeffrey did a fantastic job staging my home. He was professional and efficient, with a quick eye for details.
Though I may have not initially have been fully onboard with his suggestions once I implemented the changes I realized that Jeffrey’s advice was right on target.

You can trust Jeffrey to see the big picture and know how things will look in photos and by the buyers. In that context he stages your house to its best advantage.

I would highly recommend Jeffrey as a stager. He is pleasant to work with and he really took my house to the next level!

Kathleen Chien
Location – East Side Providence RI

When our realtor recommended we consult a stager before listing our house in Barrington, we had no idea what to expect, how to prepare, where to begin. Jeff came highly recommended, with good reason.  First, he helped us establish a rough staging budget, then Jeff made suggestions including repairs, decorating, updating, housekeeping, and decluttering, and he followed this with referrals of work crews to help us with whatever assistance we needed.  We took pages of notes as Jeff made suggestions from landscaping & linens, to lighting  & laundry rooms. Because we had such confidence in Jeff’s vision & his experience, we followed up on just about all of his suggestions.  He was available for a final check-in prior to the realtors’ walk-through, and by that time our house was almost too nice to leave. But within a week we had a buyer, thanks to Jeff’s vision and his patience with us.  We’ve since tapped Jeff’s decorating expertise for our new home in Westport, and we’ve recommended him to friends and family all over RI for staging and decorating, and no one’s been disappointed! He’s an absolute professional, and he’s a pleasure to work with.  His personality and sense of humor makes the whole process actually fun!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Deb & Steve Rock
Location – Barrington, RI, Westport, MA

We first met Jeff at the sale of the house we currently live in.  He had staged the house for sale. We always tell people that I don’t think we would have bought the house if it had not been staged by him.  While it is a beautiful Georgian Revival it needed a lot of work.  However, we noticed none of it.  Everything was in its place and we only could imagine our family fitting in perfectly.  By the time we noticed how much work there was to do, we were hooked.

Seeing what Jeff had done with the staging and then getting to know him in the months leading up our move in date we decided he would be our best bet for creating the atmosphere that we wanted.  What we didn’t know was how truly versatile he is, and best of all what a great bargain hunter he is.  Everything had to be redone and we had to change all our furniture as the style of our former house didn’t work with the style of our new house.  Jeff worked with us to select light fixtures, paint colors and fabrics.  He scoured second hand stores to find art work, tables, lamps and chairs and when we couldn’t find the right sofa and coffee table he scoured retail stores to find the right piece.  He introduced us to reliable craftsmen from upholsterers to plumbers to plasterers, etc.    we even left the faming or art work up to him.  And that was just for the downstairs!  Next we moved onto creating a  master suite.  Based on our experience downstairs we turned all decisions over to him from the overall design to selecting everything for the bathroom.  The result exceeded our expectations, and best of all we have a beautiful bathroom that is style appropriate but has all the comforts of a 21st century bathroom.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

We can’t say enough good things about our experiences with Jeff.  He listens well, has vast knowledge of the different architectural styles that make up Providence, has a perfect sense of balance and space, is completely trustworthy and to top it all off is a very good person!

Katie Oakes and Vahid Ownjazayeri
Location – East Side Providence RI

Staging:  Suddenly widowed, I decided to move from our home in Warwick of over 40 years to an urban apartment in Providence.  My realtor introduced me to Jeff Lima, a professional who stages homes in preparation for sales.  Within one hour, Jeff surveyed my home, made suggestions while I took notes.  He recommended fresh paint, new kitchen hardware, making everything sparkle, rearranged furniture, and accessorized all areas.  Jeff knew I was on a budget, so made his recommendations affordable.  Bottom line, my home became a realtor’s showcase and it sold in just three weeks!

Location – Warwick RI

Garry and I did not know when we chose JP Pagano of Residential Properties as our agent that we would get as a very valuable bonus the services of Jeff Lima to “stage” our home for sale. JP and Jeff explained that while our home was perfect for the way we lived in it, “staging” it so that it would appeal to what buyers are looking for in the current market could help us to sell more quickly. Jeff was a delight to work with: full of interesting ideas, completely respectful of us, and ready with an extra lamp or picture or knick-knack when he thought those items would improve the look of one of our rooms. And we had a buyer for our home within days of its going on the market!

Location – Oak Hill – Pawtucket RI

You’re in superb hands with Jeff Lima.  His taste and his attention to detail is impeccable, and he manages to pull off wonders without running up big bills.  When Jeff takes on a project, he assumes full responsibility, and he ensures — better than any owner can — that jobs are done to the highest standards on time and on budget.  We came to Jeff in a somewhat desperate state:  out of town and needing to have a house staged after tenants had left with only a short window in which to sell.  Jeff put in long hours, morning until night; spent countless more hours on the telephone with us; hired and managed first-class professionals to take care of repairs, painting, and cleaning; bought and rented furniture and supplies.  We sold the house in the time-frame we’d hoped for, chiefly because Jeff made it possible.  He has our very highest recommendation.

Location – East Side – Providence RI

I had placed my Eastside home on the market twice before, without offers so my realtor recommended that I hire Jeff Lima to stage my home before we put it on the market again.  I almost didn’t as I thought my home was perfect as it was.  My agent convinced me to hire Jeff and I did.  My home sold in three weeks and I received two offers on the same day.  I am sure it was because of Jeff’s staging as that was the only major change to my home.

Location – East Side Providence RI

Not only does Jeff Lima have a terrific sense of style and space, but his experience in the real estate field has afforded him the priceless expertise of knowing exactly what prospective buyers are looking for.  Leave it to Jeff to transform your home into a very marketable property.  His tricks of the trade will  help your home become both a seller’s dream…and a buyer’s delight!  The investment you make in Jeff Lima’s recommendations will pay for itself many times over by helping to sell your home quickly.   Hiring Jeff to assist you in staging your home is the best piece of advice my husband and I could offer any seller.

Dr. Bob & Diane Ducoff
Location – East Side Providence RI

As Executrix of my sister in law’s estate I was charged with the sale of her condominium and the disposition of its contents. What seemed like an overwhelming task became much easier when I was introduced to Jeff Lima. He has a great eye for staging the condominium for sale and executed his plan in a very cost effective manner. His work was effective as a buyer at the right price was quickly obtained. Jeff went above and beyond that assignment. He arranged the sale or contribution to charity of the house’s contents, he packed up and mailed selected personal items to my nephews and niece.  He gave me excellent advice and support. His charges were more than reasonable. Most important Jeff was available on request, easy to deal with, pleasant, and honest as the day is long. I am eternally grateful.

Sally Dowling
Location – East Side Providence RI

After having our home on the market for some time with no success, our agent suggested using a stager – Jeffrey Lima. Jeffrey staged our home of 47 years for sale, helping us to decide what to keep and what to relinquish and provided a sounding board for a myriad of concerns.  Mel claims that you saved our marriage.

A couple of weeks later, we sold our home.

Janet and Mel Zurier
Location – East Side, Providence RI

Selling a house is stressful enough, but putting it on the market as you leave town for a new job makes it even more worrisome. I did that in the spring of 2013 and I was VERY happy to have had Jeff’s help in doing that. His attention to detail, his dependability and his responsiveness made all the difference in the world. He staged my house as I emptied it to move to the west coast, and he struck a nice balance by bringing in enough furniture for prospective buyers to envision living there without overdoing it (and making it more expensive). His taste is great and he has a legion of other workers that he can draw on to accomplish specific tasks. His costs were very reasonable and he was very communicative during the process. In short, when any seller is considering using a stager to help sell a house, the basic question is, “Will it help me sell my house sooner or for a higher price?” Working with Jeff, the answer is a definite “YES” and I’d add that the peace of mind it can bring is invaluable. Jeff is AWESOME!

Location — East Side, Providence RI

In the spring of 2013, when I decided to sell my home, my real estate agent suggested I meet with Jeff Lima and listen to his suggestions about staging my home before it went on the market.

I had read about staging and seen examples of it online and on TV, so I assumed I knew “the drill.” Although I still was not 100% sure I wanted someone to come into my home and reassemble my furnishings, it was my curiosity that encouraged me to meet with Jeff and listen to what he had to say.

My life situation, the reason why I was selling my home, was not much different from other folks. I wanted to downsize and, no doubt, there were many emotions tied up with this move.

What was different from others was that my husband had died six months earlier. We had bought the home seven years before, and had completely remodeled it. Now, living there by myself was uncomfortable and overwhelmingly sad. It was time for me to move on.

So, Jeff and I met. I was immediately captivated by this affable, honest and capable gentleman.

I cannot say enough about how he assisted me in doing what I needed to do. Jeff was respectful of what my husband and I had done in our home, how we lived, what had been important to us, how we had surrounded ourselves with memorabilia that had meaning, and how our home reflected our daily lives.

Jeff knew all too well that living is a personal thing and so was my loss. Mine was right out there, but the goal was to depersonalize in order to move on, and to carefully put away those precious treasures for a new time and place. Jeff’s personal involvement and support moved the process forward effortlessly. Thanks Jeff!

Did my home sell?

Yes…within 24 hours!!!